Visionnaire, founded by the company IPE, based in Bologna since 1959, is a meta-luxury brand of reference in the sector of interior design Made in Italy, renowned for its one-of-a-kind design prowess tailored to respond to the desires of its clients.

Benefit company from 2021, Visionnaire defines its business as a promoter of positive value for the community and intends to pursue, in the exercise of economic activity, one or more positive effects - or reduce negative effects - towards people, communities, territories and environment.

The brand operates in over 55 countries, thanks to over 30 exclusive monobrand stores and a network of department store and multibrand showrooms all over the world.

Since 2004 Visionnaire has formulated a distinctive style, based on lively experimentation on materials, volumes of unexpected poise and inimitable motifs that reveal the totally Italian background of the company. Thanks to collaboration with a team of eclectic, visionary Italian and foreign designers, the company is an ideal partner for bespoke proposals in residential and contract applications, luxury hotellerie, as well as the yachting and aviation sectors.

The brand bases its activity on the value of knowledge and continuing research on the concept of contemporary beauty, confirming its exceptional ability to create design projects and products of outstanding sartorial workmanship, fostering and restoring value to the skills of local artisans located across the Italian territory.

The meta-luxury of contents and values is reflected in the responsible use of materials, through technological research conducted by the company and investments to boost the efficiency of its chain of production. Visionnaire relies on a network of over 30 crafts hubs located all over the country, enabling the company to create extraordinary, unique objects: mixing and matching materials, applying the skills of artisans to test, perfect and define new compositional and material solutions, defining the identity of every single product by making it unique and inimitable, though also ready for reproduction. Visionnaire also makes a rigorous, responsible commitment to its territory.

This desire to protect our natural heritage and human capital – outlined in the artbook-manifesto “Decàlogo” – leads to awareness that informs and orients the company’s cultural vision, from the selection of materials to the final touches of workmanship required by production cycles, taking on a precise, intense ethical position.

荣誉和奖项接连而至:由马可.皮瓦(Marco Piva)设计的 Marty 浴室多用架被授予 Wallpaper* 设计奖的 “最佳梦工场”(Best Dream Factory) 类别。得益于非凡的国际增长政策,2019 年总公司 IPE 在全球拥有 31 家专门店,并在 55 个国家开展业务。2019 年更为 IPE-Visionnaire 的周年纪念:母公司 IPE 庆祝成立 60 周年,而其奢华品牌 Visionnaire 则踏入凯旋的第 15 年。在第 58 届国际家具展(Salone Internazionale del Mobile)及关联的 2019 FuoriSalone 设计展中,举行了一系列超卓盛大的活动纪念集团的里程碑,包括发行具有特殊战略和纲领性价值的纪念本:名曰《十大金律》的珍贵限量版书籍,展示公司愿景定义的十项不可或缺的基本价值,当中蕴藏强烈信念。此文本讲述品牌的历史根源,叙述品牌当代形象,并勾勒宏大的未来轨迹。



The sequence of honors and awards continues: the Marty console designed by Marco Piva is honored in the “Best Dream Factory” category of the Wallpaper Design Awards. Thanks to an extraordinary policy of international growth, in 2019 the company has 31 exclusive stores around the world, and operates in 55 countries. 2019 is a year of anniversaries for IPE-Visionnaire: the mother company IPE celebrates the 60th anniversary of its founding, while Visionnaire, its exclusive brand, reaches its 15th year of success. For the 58th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and the associated FuoriSalone 2019, these milestones will be commemorated with a sequence of extraordinary initiatives.They include the launch of a signature volume, which takes on particular strategic and programmatic value: Decalogue – this is the title of the project – is a precious book published in a limited edition, presenting the ten fundamental and indispensable values of the company, defined through an overall vision that has the force of a credo. The texts offer a narrative of the historical roots of the brand, taking stock of its present identity and outlining ambitious trajectories for its future.

Il Pavone

是年为国际大奖豐收的年份。Visionnatre 获得多达 6 项国际设计界大奖:由亚历山德罗·拉斯帕达(Alesandro La Spada)设计的 Kobol 浴室多用架荣获 Archiproducts Design Award;同样由亚历山德罗设计的 Opera 餐桌荣获 2018 AD USA 优秀设计大奖(AD USA Great Design Award 2018);罗伯托.拉泽罗尼(Roberto Lazzeroni)设计的 Tanya 椅子获得了 Architizer A+ 设计大奖;Tea Party 桌子在英国和中国均获得 Wallpaper* 设计奖;由阿尔曼多.布鲁诺(Armando Bruno)设计的 Balin、Elmo、Galdor 和 Tareg 镜子则获得了 NYCxDESIGN 设计奖。



This is the year of international prizes. As many as six awards of the international design community are assigned to Visionnaire: the Kobol bathroom console designed by Alessandro La Spada wins the Archiproducts Design Award; the Opera dining table, also by the designer Alessandro La Spada, takes the AD USA Great Design Award 2018; the Tanya chairs by Roberto Lazzeroni receives the Architizer A+ Design Award; the Tea Party table is a winner in the Wallpaper Design Awards, both in UK and in China; and the Balin, Elmo, Galdor and Tareg mirrors by Armando Bruno receive the NYCxDesign Award.


Visionnaire 的风格继续演进,意旨将产品扩张至更精致复杂的市场,例如欧洲和北美市场,以及新一代客户。對公司而言,這是展示反映 “艺术设计” 语言典範的家品系列的時機,以及作為业內最先之一,引进一整列对环境影响较小的 “绿色” 材料。



Visionnaire continues its path of stylistic evolution, with the aim of extending its offerings to more sophisticated and complex markets, such as those of Europe and North America, as well as a new generation of clients. For the company, this is the moment to present a collection composed of furnishings that reflect the linguistic canons of “Art Design,” and to introduce – as one of the first companies in the sector – a complete “Greenery” range of materials with low environmental impact.


第二支投资基金 Ergon Capital II 成为持份者,也因此公司所有权由两支基金、Cavalli 家族以及一些私人合伙人共同拥有。同年,中东地区的首间 Visionnaire 专门店在迪拜开业,而美国的第一家门店也在迈阿密开业。为庆祝品牌创立十周年,Nature Jewel Box 胶囊系列面世,其特色产品以选材珍贵和形式轻巧脱颖而出:这一出众系列标志着 Visionnaire 的品牌故事新阶段的开始。

Visionnaire Miami
Visionnaire Dubai


A second investment fund enters the array of stakeholders, Ergon Capital II: the ownership thus includes two funds, as well as the Cavalli family and a number of private partners. During the same year, the first Visionnaire monobrand store in the Middle East is opened in Dubai, along with the first in the United States, in Miami. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the brand, the Nature Jewel Box capsule collection is introduced, featuring exclusive products that stand out for the use of precious materials and light forms: this very successful collection marks the beginning of a new phase in the Visionnaire story.

Visionnaire 10th anniversary
Steve Leung

以往仅限于 Cavalli 家族的公司所有权,扩展至包括 AltoPartners 基金。这关键一步为企业策思带来新的活力,加快国际增长的步伐,造就俄罗斯的第一家 Visionnaire 门店在莫斯科诞生。

Visionnaire ADV


The company ownership, previously limited to the Cavalli family, expands to include the Altopartners fund. This important step brings new energy to the entrepreneurial logic of international growth already in progress, and leads to the opening of the first Russian Visionnaire store, in Moscow.

Visionnaire ADV

Visionnaire 旗舰店于米兰加富尔广场(Piazza Cavour)开业,典雅的建筑敞开大门欢迎来客。这个形象鲜明的醒目空间前身为历史悠久的加富尔影院,占地 2000 平方米,分成两层。该位置充分体现了品牌项目的潜力,包括一个餐厅区域和一个文化规划空间──为艺术展预留的 Wunderkammer 画廊。

Visionnaire Milano


The Visionnaire flagship store in Milan opens its doors, welcoming visitors into an elegant building on Piazza Cavour. The striking space with its vivid identity has an area of 2000 square meters, organized on two levels inside what was previously the historic “Cinema Cavour.” The location fully conveys the potential of the brand’s project, including a restaurant area and a space for cultural programming – the Wunderkammer gallery – set aside for art exhibitions.

Visionnaire Milano
Visionnaire ADV 2004


Samuele Mazza designs for IPE srl a furniture line inspired by the neo-gothic style called Visionnaire. A line inspired by the "scenography" for theatrical houses and the representation of the inner self, marked by literary testimonies, built around the rare and most precious catalysts of memory, such as artworks and photographs covering the walls, which constitute its private and beating heart. Samuele Mazza remains artistic director until 2009. Soon after, the Cavalli family takes entirely the reins of the brand.

Visionnaire ADV 2004

IPE 推出由 Roberto Lazzeroni 提案的 Streamlined 系列。这提案超越独立项目的理解,通过家居各个区域的家品组合原创而前所未见的定义所表达:遵循这一原则,卧室区域、饭厅和起居空间在设计中进行了彻底的重新诠释与重组。 这个新的项目范例会伴随着生产实践而显著变化。抛弃内部工艺的逻辑,从而带来实质、有远见的创新:生产线建立在分布式工厂模型之上──分为任何情况下都保持相互联系的部分──汇合意大利半岛生产地区的专业与卓越技术,展示行业的超卓水平。

60、70 80 年代

60 年代末,家族的第二代进入公司。 Vittorio 的儿子 Luigi Cavalli 作为代表,从国际角度理论化和指导品牌的扩张,推出众多产品系列,并从 Visionnaire 的创立到女儿 Eleonore 加盟期间,一直担任艺术总监。90 年代中期,Luiji 的两个孩子──Leopold 和 Eleonore 积极参与公司的管理,与他们的父亲共同采取了一系列重要的新举措。

Hudson Deluxe - Sedia Little Sister


IPE introduces the Streamlined collection, a new proposal designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, which beyond individual projects involves the definition of original and unprecedented decor compositions for various areas of the home: in keeping with this principle, the bedroom zone, the dining room and the living area are radically reinterpreted and reorganized in the design. This new project paradigm is accompanied by remarkable changes in production praxis. The logic of in-house workmanship is put aside, leading to a substantial, visionary innovation: the production line is structured on the model of the distributed factory – split into segments that in any case remain interconnected – creating a system of highly qualified centers of expertise and excellence across the production districts of the Italian peninsula.

Sunset Divano e Poltrona

IPE 携由雕塑家 Rito Valla 设计的 Mercury 扶手椅参与了首届米兰国际家具展:艺术和设计在这一独特方案中找到了一种全新的、完全独创的互动方式。



IPE takes part in the first edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan with the Mercury armchair, designed by the sculptor Rito Valla: art and design find a new, completely original formula of interaction in this unique proposal.

Interno atelier

历史悠久的意大利公司 IPE,由 Carlo、Pompeo 和 Vittorio Cavalli 兄弟在佐拉普雷多萨(博洛尼亚)创立。他们在家具领域的创业冒险中,专注创造以发泡聚氨酯制成的软垫家品,投身工程设计与风格的革新,在彼时的生产工艺中脱颖而出。

Interno IPE


At Zola Predosa (Bologna), the historic Italian company IPE was found by the brothers Carlo, Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli. Their entrepreneurial adventure in the world of furnishings, specializing in the creation of upholstered pieces made with expanded polyurethane, takes on the character of a revolution of engineering and style, standing apart from the production processes of the time.