IPE 推出由 Roberto Lazzeroni 提案的 Streamlined 系列。这提案超越独立项目的理解,通过家居各个区域的家品组合原创而前所未见的定义所表达:遵循这一原则,卧室区域、饭厅和起居空间在设计中进行了彻底的重新诠释与重组。 这个新的项目范例会伴随着生产实践而显著变化。抛弃内部工艺的逻辑,从而带来实质、有远见的创新:生产线建立在分布式工厂模型之上──分为任何情况下都保持相互联系的部分──汇合意大利半岛生产地区的专业与卓越技术,展示行业的超卓水平。

60、70 80 年代

60 年代末,家族的第二代进入公司。 Vittorio 的儿子 Luigi Cavalli 作为代表,从国际角度理论化和指导品牌的扩张,推出众多产品系列,并从 Visionnaire 的创立到女儿 Eleonore 加盟期间,一直担任艺术总监。90 年代中期,Luiji 的两个孩子──Leopold 和 Eleonore 积极参与公司的管理,与他们的父亲共同采取了一系列重要的新举措。

Hudson Deluxe - Sedia Little Sister


IPE introduces the Streamlined collection, a new proposal designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, which beyond individual projects involves the definition of original and unprecedented decor compositions for various areas of the home: in keeping with this principle, the bedroom zone, the dining room and the living area are radically reinterpreted and reorganized in the design. This new project paradigm is accompanied by remarkable changes in production praxis. The logic of in-house workmanship is put aside, leading to a substantial, visionary innovation: the production line is structured on the model of the distributed factory – split into segments that in any case remain interconnected – creating a system of highly qualified centers of expertise and excellence across the production districts of the Italian peninsula.

Sunset Divano e Poltrona