Adv Campaign 2024

In occasion of Fuorisalone 2024 the designers Draga & Aurel enter Visionnaire’s Wunderkammer with an intertwined narrative: a game of role exchanges between art and design, where the power of colors and painterly gestures illuminates the walls guiding the immersive journey among collectible design objects. 

During the 2024 Design Week at the Visionnaire Design Gallery, the emblematic Thursday event took place, providing an ideal opportunity for engagement and fostering connections among performance, music, and people.

In Japanese thought, a word exists - yūgen - that expresses a deep, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe. Yūgen consists of finding our place in the world and feeling completely part of the space in which we live, identifying with it. It is container and content at the same time, and its magic implies that space is never fixed but always open to what it could become.

Visionnaire pays tribute to crafts as one of the loftiest expressions of the labor and talents of humankind, a vehicle of creativity and legacy of art, to transform history into future, tradition into innovation, sustaining the eternal evolution of excellence. Our master artisans put passion and skill into the making of unique objects – the result of an authentic labor of love and taste.

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Visionnaire Design Gallery, Milan
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