Born in 1974 in Moscow Maria  Serebryanaya is a skilled professional of architecture and interior design with more than 15 years of working experience. Maria always had great respect and interest to her roots and she is greatly influenced by magnificent Russian culture in her style and work. Years of experience brought Maria to the idea of creating her own collection of furniture and in 2012 she did it for Visionnaire interior brand. Knowing well expectations of the most savvy luxury consumers she designs her items in attempt to reach an ideal balance between beauty and comfort.


Fabio Bonfà is an Italian architect and designer, who was formed among Italy, Spain and Holland; he has worked in different fields, from urban planning to industrial design, building a multidisciplinary and original design approach. Head of the interior design department of VISIONNAIRE from 2012, he is in charge of control and management of the entire nterior design process, developing a huge range of high end projects worldwide (hotels, showrooms, and private clients). This has allowed him to face and deal with different cultures and needs. His goal is to develop an aesthetic out of time, not linked to the current fashion, but always with strong roots in the Italian tradition.


Milanese by adoption, he is currently partner and CEO of Studio Marco Piva, a design company based in Milan with branches in Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Among the various activities of architect, interior designer and product designer, he teaches at Polidesign, SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design and works with SDA Bocconi and Tongji University in Shanghai. He has been a member of several juries and has been coordinating the Young & Design award since 2015. He has collaborated with some fashion brands such as Aspesi, Bvlgari, Jil Sander, Larusmiani, Maison Martin Margiela and Gucci and was the founder and artistic curator of Spaziootto gallery in Milan.

La Spada

Alessandro La Spada defines himself a "designer with the manner of a craftsman". His motto: "perform in order to learn" He studied at the i.d.i. interior design institute in Milan where he graduated in 1990. From 1990 to 1994 he collaborated with the studio Sawaya e Moroni, designing interiors and following the development of the company's prototypes. Beetween 1998 and 2004 he's involved in the field of design and interior project dealing with formal research, underlining the semantic value of objects. He dedicate himself to the small scale production of lamps and furnishings, deepen his knowledge on material creating a small creative workshop specialised in processing metal. In 2005 a casual meeting led to his collaboration with Samuele Mazza, an eclectic character with a past in fashion design. His "hard wear" contribution to Mazza's soft world gave life to the "Visionnaire" and "Grantour" collection. He also lectures at the i.d.i. interior design institute, milan. He has worked as project leader for the domus academy in milan.


Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa where he lives and works. From the beginning he has always shown an interest both in the phenomena of the world of conceptual art and the ones of radical design. In the early 80's he started to be interested in industrial and interior design, a specialization which he defines as "fundamental" for the following approach to the world of the "industrial product". A fine connoisseur of the history of design and its ralated signs, he is very skillful to put daily into practice this knowledge. Talking about his own projects, Lazzeroni uses the expression of "sentimental design".


Recognized internationally, Steve Leung is a leading architect, interior designer and product designer born in Hong Kong in 1957. As a dedicated contemporary-style advocate, Steve’s works reflect a strong and unique character of minimalism, with skilful adoption of Asian culture and arts. His works include architecture, interior design, as well as product design.


Mauro Lipparini’s singular influence has been recognized and celebrated around the globe. In 2011, he was a winner of the Good Design® Global Awards, the world’s most prestigious honor in design. He is a past champion, as well, of the Young & Design Milano and International Du Pont Award Köln international design competitions. Lipparini’s extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home and office furnishings, textiles, and other products created for a host of renowned European and Japanese firms. In the realms of architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated primarily on private and public housing, retail and wholesale showrooms, and exposition installations. Lipparini also provides cutting-edge corporate identity construction services including graphic design, editorial, full-scale production, and product application. Rooted in the spare forms and clear, powerful lines that are the defining features of Italian minimalism, Lipparini’s work is imbued with a spirit of joy, a buoyant sense of pleasure and possibility. Freely employing bold colors, organic textures, and imaginative visual concepts, Lipparini broadens the palette of classic minimalism, bringing the immediacy and strength of the well-respected aesthetic into an exhilarating new era.

Roberto Tapinassi,
Maurizio Manzoni

Maurizio Manzoni, born in Nuoro in 1967 and graduated in Architecture in Florence, begins his career by working in the industrial design with leading companies in Italy and abroad. His work goes from interior design to graphics, to stand projecting, to fabric design and to the nautical planning of motorboats and yachts, both for the interiors and for the exteriors. He currently lives and works in Florence, where he co-founded the StudioMEMO with the designer Prof. Roberto Tapinassi in 2001. Roberto Tapinassi, born in Florence in 1933, begins his profession of Designer in the 60s by co-operating with leader companies of the furniture business in Italy and abroad. His work goes from interior design to graphic and fabric design.


His background has roots in his beloved, deep Sicily of Palma di Montechiaro, where triumphant baroque. Catholicism and unexpected reminiscences of Jewish and oriental culture form a unique environment. Later, his grounding was in the swinging Florence of the '80s, which was a workshop of creative elaborations, an open space for new researches and experimentations in the fields of culture, music and fashion. After that he landed at the current bipolarity of Milan-New York axis.


He founded the architectural studio having his name in 1990 and the Design Company named "Simone Micheli Architectural Hero" in 2003. He is professor at the Polidesign in Milan, at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. The planning company Simone Micheli Architectural Hero based in Florence and Milan provides contract and residence related services in different fields: architecture, interior design, design, visual design e communication.


Philippe Montels was born in France in 1967 in a family of Italian origin from Sperlongua area. Refinement and harmony pervade all his amazing creations. Philippe Starck and Andrée Putman trusted him with large scale and international projects such as the Maison Guerlain on the Champs Elysées in Paris or Lan's Restaurant in Beijing. His ambitious creations are now scattered all over the world:among others,the decorating and lighting of 80 Escada stores and the VIP lounge of the French Pavilion at Shangai Universal Exhibition. Philippe montels is an expert in playing with contrasts and oppositions, his daring interpretation of styles and unexpected use of material are his own special stamp:His metal cushions are soft and sensual, the precious Swarosky crystals and the industrial material combine harmoniously.


I worked, designing my new products for Visionnaire, on the search for unusual aesthetic values, creating forms and compositions defined by the contrast between profoundly different materials: natural ones - mainly stones and woods - as opposed to artificial ones - glass and metals.
Metals, essences, marbles, skins and glasses transmit, through their refined combination, preciousness, value and excellence.


Giuseppe Viganò is a furniture product designer and an art director. As a designer he has strong creative spirit and sense of beauty, which are discovered and rationalized any time he approaches a new project. His creative thinking is mainly research-based, and it always drives him towards new goals; “new materials” often become the starting point for the creation not only of new products but frequently of entire new collections.
References coming from the world of arts, fashion and poetry often give him the opportunity to approach projects in a transversal way; many of his most-renowned products were conceived from pictorial concepts or “glamour” details, on other occasions, instead, his intriguing forms have been designed by poetic gestures.