Narrazioni intrecciate

Narrazioni intrecciate


In a special edition, the Aries armchair is upholstered with a new woven fabric that reinterprets Aurel K. Basedow’s paintings. In the Muse screen, Aurel’s painting is composed and decomposed: the layering, dear to the artist in his creative process, is entrusted to a play of printed organza that in movement seems to reproduce the gesture of painting. Research is a fundamental aspect of Draga & Aurel’s creative journey, and for this project, they revisit two of their iconic pieces with interweaving new materials. The Lego console is reintroduced with a marble top associated with metal, replacing the concrete used in the previous model, while the Elysium table shows contrasting geometries and refined textures. Completing the installation is the Tessa room divider: a cascade of colors that seem to dissolve among interweaving geometries, lights, and transparencies.


Draga Obradovic


I worked for a long time as a textile designer in fashion, and fabrics are my first love: it was natural to imagine bringing Aurel’s works onto fabric, so powerful and with kinetic force.

Visionnaire wunderkammer
Visionnaire Wunderkammer

Photo courtesy of: Lorenzo Pennati