Beauty 2020 New collection inspired by art design

Beauty 2020 New collection inspired by art design

Beauty is a word with an intense, multifaceted meaning. Besides indicating an outlook of positive energy and hope, the contemporary beauty narrated by Visionnaire sums up an attitude, that of creating extraordinary, unique projects and objects. Constant technological research, experimentation with materials, the juxtaposition and mixing of element, the hands of our craftsmen that test, perfect and define a new material solution: these are the factors that go into every single product, making it unique, inimitable, yet reproducible.

This year, Visionnaire expands its Art Design offerings, approaching the great challenge of contextualizing them in a retail scenario and involving designers of exceptional artistic talent, with a vivid focus on experimentation with materials: almost “Renaissance” personalities, in terms of method and individual effort invested in the genesis and realization of their creations in the workshop.

The “Il Pavone” collection by Marc Ange, which made its debut in December during Miami Art Basel in the “haute couture throne” and “prêt-à-porter chair” versions, is back in Milan with exclusive fabrics in six color variants. The “Pavone” chairs and throne, placed inside the Wunderkammer, will be displayed together with the luminous installation by Gupica for a true “lost in paradise” effect.


Alessandro La Spada has created a new table – Arkady – with a sculptural lower top in artistic stone. The slab of Crema Marfil stone is crafted by hand to add unique, precious value, thanks to bas-relief workmanship, irregular borders and the inclusion of artistic resins and Himalayan salt. The legs are in metal, molded in sand to create a three-dimensional pattern with a “hammered” effect with animalier overtones. Nature is transformed to take on a hybrid identity, the result of the encounter between its essence and human artistic talent.


The new collaboration with the design duo Draga&Aurel translates into a truly original capsule collection. Amos is a true table-jewel: two metal armrests, shaped by molding in sand for a lunar effect, embrace the concrete base, poured into a reinforced form and subjected to an exclusive erosion technique.


The Lego low table and console also stand out for the contrasting combination of two materials, treated with different finishes: precious and “raw,” the glowing gold of the metal and the matte black of the concrete. This apparent contradiction becomes a kind of unity of two different characters. The Sputnik lamps are made of multiple rhomboidal parts that produce an “origami” metal composition. Their lines form a fractal motif in which the metal surfaces reflect the light, casting theatrical shadows all around.


The architect Mauro Lipparini presents paneling as a free, instinctive project, shunning standardization and embracing distant influences from the powerful, elegant traditions of the African universe. Contemporary boiseries in Frisê Eucalyptus with all the functions of an accessorized wall, ready to take on totally bespoke configurations. Lines, curved panels, grooves, continuity, interruption and coplanar surfaces are underscored and paced by the linear shelves, generating a graphic game of shadows and highlights from the rounded openings. The paneling alternates volumes of double depth, surrounded by concave and convex components.


Desmond, a jewel in the center of the room by Mauro Lipparini, enhances the perception of roundness without edges, increasing the preciousness of the glass volumes. The central element in Eucalyptus Frisè wood acts as a pillar for the suspended glass volumes, which give the whole composition a feeling of lightness.


For the upholstered pieces, Donovan by La Conca is a seating program with remarkably modular contemporary design. Available in the “square” version with squared armrests and the “roll” version with a cylindrical armrest. In the “square” model the modular sofa is arranged with double depth: an ample traditional seat and an ulterior space on the base behind the back, equipped with small bookcase modules clad in leather with shelves in metal and glass, and courtesy trays in marble with leather frames.


Douglas is the new sofa designed by La Spada, featuring borders of curved metal in the base that virtually borrow a part of the padding of the armrest. The Douglas sofa is covered in Nabuk leather, while its cushions and daybed are in Banksy, one of the new Visionnaire fabrics, featuring a sort “teddybear” effect. The Douglas collection also includes an armchair, a love seat, an ottoman and a low table.


Petra armchair by Alessandro La Spada presents a semi-circular padded shell, upholstered in Bansky velvet with the new “plush” effect, in verde ramareggiato color. The continuity of the curve of the backrest is interrupted in the central part by the insertion of a vertical metal element creating a full / empty effect.


The architect Marco Piva presents the Admeto coffee table, a combination of various contrasting but perfectly juxtaposed materials, for a composition that is almost an architectural archetype, but modern and functional at the same time: the legs in marble with “striped” workmanship contribute to convey an impression of monumental character, contradicted by the transparency and lightness of the top in smoked glass.


Raising the curtain of the Milanese flagship store, Visionnaire will reveal the new Beauty collection 2020 during the course of three days, 17-18-19 June, with a show prepared for clients and the international press. The new development is the decision to broadcast the event in live streaming, to simultaneously connect with the world in a moment in which travel is still complicated, although people are still eager for information and new ideas. Visionnaire thus organizes a true video broadcast, moderated by an outstanding personality in design journalism, inviting guests from the international world of design and art.

The showroom on Piazza Cavour will have a new setup created for the occasion, with 9 complete display settings. The project by Alessandro La Spada features true rooms bordered by partitions of striking impact. In this almost theatrical presentation, the dividers mingle with large projection screens, generating dynamic, enveloping spaces.