Visionnaire Opens in Zhengzhou

Visionnaire Opens in Zhengzhou


Visionnaire has recently expanded its footprint in mainland China. The opening of a new showroom in Zhengzhou fills a gap in the puzzle in Henan Province. Interestingly, the city of Zhengzhou has long been associated with Italy. Since 2008, it has become a sister-city with the historical and cultural city Naples in South Italy.

Also being a city of history and culture itself, Zhengzhou has been the capital five times in history and is one of the most important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Visionnaire has partnered with Caren Casa to bring its world-renowned Italian design to the city through the new showroom located in the heart of Shangdu Road business circle, Guancheng District. The glass curtain wall runs through the upper and lower floors of the space, offering a glimpse of the Italian aesthetic inside.


When it comes to Italian aesthetics, Visionnaire aims to create a unique lifestyle for each customer by conveying the brand's home philosophy. In other words, it has never been a "furniture brand", but rather an irreplaceable emotional connection between people and objects by building complete living environments. In Visionnaire's spaces, each object does not exist in isolation. They are in harmony with each other and with the environment in which they are placed.

The ground floor of the showroom is approximately 282 sqm, and behind the windows there is a different world. The first thing that strikes the eye is the architecturally pleasing marble spiral staircase, the curves of which add to the charm of the space. To the left and right of the windows are two sets of indoor-outdoor sofas, which, together with the ambience, inspire the imagination of guests to live outdoors and add a touch of summer mood to the showroom.


Designed by Alessandro La Spada, the beauty of Kerwan's dining room is hidden behind a wall of greenery. The fascinating white marble dining table is a perfect example of what 'Made in Italy' means.


Behind the staircase is the open Anthem living room. The shelves with the LED backlighting are the ideal display space, allowing the owner to easily “make a stage pose” for his/her collection in front of the guests.


The purely contemporary, floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace is both functional and serves as a space divider. At the other side it is the Douglas living room, where the distinctive vertical stripes behind the modular sofa are combined with a circular element, accented by ambient lighting, to match the rounded and straight variations of the furnishings.


Ascending the stairs to the first floor's impressive space of 380 sqm, the Bastian living room features the elegant and warm walnut wood King's Cross collection, designed by Mauro Lipparini. He has said that he was inspired by the clean lines of Chinese Ming Dynasty furniture. The artwork Golden Fish on the unit, handcrafted by artist Michele Astolfi, is in keeping with the Chinese saying "Surplus year after year".

On the 2nd floor there are three bedrooms alone. The leading role is the Ca' Foscari master bedroom. The huge walk-in closet next to the bed reveals a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. The combination of indoor and outdoor armchair and pouf in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows is a perfect illustration of the Mediterranean lifestyle with its never-ending desire for the nature.

The highlight of the Babylon living room belongs to the Marty console by Marco Piva, winner of the Wallpaper* Design Award in 2019.

Unlike the long Kerwan table’s modern beauty downstairs, Jason's dining room, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, is perhaps even more in keeping with traditional Chinese dining habits. The double-color lazy susan marble top is both luxurious and functional. Always a multi-functional space for eating and socializing, the dning room is full of talks: from the exquisite artisan plates to the Italian carpets underfoot, from wallpaper to velvet, from glass to Swarovski crystals, the beauty of 'Made in Italy' is all in your view.