NFT Apollo Belvedere

NFT Apollo Belvedere

Imagination is the key element in Visionnaire’s act of transformation of high-quality materials into products for high- end environments. Its design driven creative process balances vision and skill to find a new equilibrium that gives value to the “experience factor” and finds its roots in the timeless heritage of artisanal wisdom, cultivated by the company and its stakeholders.

Visionnaire NFT has been launched on March 29, expressing the brand’s ongoing relationship and dialogue with the Avant-garde. In partnership with the internationally renown artist Jonathan Monaghan, the project investigates the innovative design methods granted by Non-Fungible Tokens in the luxury interior design market.

Jonathan Monaghan is an American artist who works on the relationship between physical sculpture and 3D animation to create objects and narratives outside the conventional language of contemporaneity. Jonathan was an early adopter of NFTs, using the bitcoin blockchain to authenticate digital artworks as early as 2013. Since then Jonathan has been active in the cryptoart space, including being featured in the launch of’s NFT platform.


After his exhibition at the Sundance Film Festival, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Monaghan found in Visionnaire the perfect partner to reimagine the masterpiece Apollo del Belvedere, currently in the Vatican Museums in Rome.

The Art of Vaporwave

The Art of Vaporwave: nostalgia and the history of digital art come together in this baroque homage to Vaporwave aesthetic. The Apollo Belvedere is prevalent in between two different space-time dimensions, as the connecting protagonist of the ever-evolving art. 

Surveillance Allegory

Surveillance Allegory is the surreal combination of soft fabrics, baroque architecture, and surveillance equipment. Contrasting the past with an uncertain future, the work asks "How do we envision tomorrow?”. In a dramatic, low-lit scenario, the answer lies in the ambiguity and contrast between Human and Technology.

Sculpture Drop

In this baroque vignette Sculpture Drop, the icon Apollo Belvedere is reimagined with capitonné, refined and luxurious furniture-like skin. This rendition of the famous bust is a study in contrasts between the virtual and physical, in a futuristic yet classical interior environment.

The deep sharing of the values of harmony and beauty brought Visionnaire and Jonathan Monaghan together, choosing the Greek divine archer Apollo as the symbol of the aesthetic perfection and the vital tension towards the future. From post- Hellenic art to the moon landing in ’72 to the coming of the disruptive affirmation of digital art, the Apollo Belvedere is the ideal icon to launch Visionnaire NFT, project that consecrates the Italian brand in the outlands of artistic expression, not yet fully mapped by the sector.

The life-size bust, carved in Carrara marble, inspired by the capitonné leather typical of the furniture world, decodes antiquity by bringing back to the contemporary the careful study on the contrasts that made the work famous: softness and hardness, virtual and physical, past and future.

The drop of 3 video NFT “teaser” was on March 28, 2022 on the marketplace Foundation, one of the main digital platforms for artists, curators, and collectors in the sphere of the new creative economy. The sculpture will be displayed in the Wunderkammer on June ‘22 and will be put on sale togheter with a dedicated NFT “plus” on the occasion of the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano.

More information is available on the website.