Milano Design Week 2023

Milano Design Week 2023

Visionnaire is glad to present the new collection during Milano Design Week 2023, April 18 - 23.



PAV 5, BOOTH L11-M06
Rho Fiera, Milan | 9:30 am - 6:30 pm

In Japanese thought, a word exists – yūgen – that expresses a deep, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe. Yūgen consists of finding our place in the world and feeling completely part of the space in which we live, identifying with it. Yūgen reminds us that we can live in harmony with the beauty that surrounds us, the space of our home.

The mythical house-temple opens the doors to the world of the Orient and its fascinating philosophical aspects. The places of the home are not simply defined by architectural functions, but organized on the basis of our emotions. Which spaces are set aside for family living and for entertaining guests? And which, on the other hand, are deeply linked to an individual dimension, establishing the most authentic and intimate perimeter of our life?




Piazza Cavour 3, Milan | 10 am - 7 pm


L'IMPERO DEI SENSI. A synesthetic narrative, based on a vision of Studiopepe – Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto – to describe a capsule collection of three pieces designed for Visionnaire: the Shibari chair, the Parade lighting system and the Blanche set of two mirrors.

The immersive installation – presented during Milano Design Week 2023 in the Wunderkammer of the Visionnaire Design Gallery – focuses on the senses as tools of knowledge of the world. The surfaces are tactile, the colors reflect the nuances of skin. The experiences – visual, tactile and olfactory – are accompanied by dance performances.

L’impero dei sensi is a unique project, where the arts and design join forces to create a magical, engaging atmosphere. The sensation is that of plunging into a soft, enveloping world where time stands still.


Every object on display offers a sensorial experience that involves visitors in a deep, intense way. The gaze alights on the Shibari chair, with its woven structure, an invitation to tactile experience. As the viewer is embraced by the chair, an explosion of light catches the eye. It is the Parade lighting system, a luminous sculpture at the center of the space. The light becomes a dance of emotions, blending with the physical touch of Shibari. It then reflects on the surfaces of the Blanche mirrors, which reveal symbolism ready to be discovered. Finally, a video work by Varianteartistica - Flavio Pescatori and Mattia Caprara – enhances the path of exploration, utilizing archival film materials.

Admiring the beauty of the objects, one notices a light fragrance that inebriates and relaxes at the same time. The setting is entirely covered in powder pink eco-fur made by Jab Anstoetz Group, and this tactile covering releases the scent of amber. The original fragrance – made in collaboration with the perfume designer Antonella Bondi – stimulates a sense of sensuality. A mixture of sweet notes that recreates a mystical, ancestral atmosphere. The perfect accompaniment for visitors who will enter this gallery and experience its wonders, sampling the single generative blends that are combined in the overall olfactory project.


The collaboration between the Italian meta-luxury lifestyle brand and Chopard is a celebration of creativity, luxury and beauty, showcasing the expertise and craftsmanship of two prestigious brands. Visionnaire's artefacts complement Chopard's fine jewelry and fine watchmaking collection, creating a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere within the boutique in Via Monte Napoleone 25.


Piazza Cavour 3, Milan
From April 18th | 10 am - 7 pm


Via Monte Napoleone 25, Milan
From April 18th | 10 am - 7 pm