Living in Tune with Nature

Living in Tune with Nature

Man and nature, the most sensitive issue in an era in which the environment is structurally altered by its inhabitants. Man in nature, an almost forgotten reciprocal sense of belonging. Today a need exists, ever more urgently, for contemporary man to rediscover familiarity with nature, an incessant dialogue with the earth, from the heart. The pursuit of this triggers a new perspective on living, and our task is to orient people towards the definition of the ideal places in which to reconstruct a renewed, intimate sense of psycho-physical wellness.


Visionnaire strives to make nature a structural part of design through strategic choices, generating higher environmental standards, starting with factors of great importance such as orientation, natural ventilation and thermal efficiency. In the recent project for a house-pool many stimuli for reflection have emerged, regarding how the experience of wellbeing in the habitat can be effectively enhanced by the inclusion of nature in the design. Water, as a dominant element, gives space a forceful sense of calm and meditation. The large tropical plants in the pool are capable of spreading warmth, permeating their surroundings with positive energy that amplifies the therapeutic and invigorating effects of the pool.

In this idea of total design devoted to psycho-physical wellbeing – addressing the most profound, emotional side of the life of human beings – the protagonists become the green areas of the house, its large regenerating spaces. Places in which the experience of beauty is still possible, where all living things manifest themselves in a spontaneous way.


The result is a new outdoor furnishings collection to complete Beauty, to be presented in April 2021 during the Fuorisalone in Milan. Among the new families of products, Stankar – designed by La Conca – establishes a dialogue with the world of fashion, thanks to a cord structure made with natural hemp and Lurex threads, inspired by “espadrillas” cult footwear.

The Farnese family designed by Samuele Mazza has been expanded this year with an elegant daybed made in natural rattan, enhanced by bindings in cowhide and wicker. This fiber taken from the innermost part of an Asian palm species is curved by hand in the form of small ovals, joined by metal strips bearing the logo. The art of wicker workmanship is still passed down today in various Italian towns. After first being applied in the world of furnishings, it has rapidly invaded the fashion scene with creations that reveal remarkable craftsmanship, with weaves of extraordinary beauty.


Finally, the Aminta chair by Giuseppe Viganò is a product with a dual indoor-outdoor value. The framework of the seat is in steel tubing, accompanied by a removable padded cover attached to the back for indoor use, or a throw cushion for outdoor settings.


These new developments are summed up in the new Dehors catalogue. A voyage through the Mediterranean culture of living, in which domestic interiors and open-air spaces mingle in a fluid way. A unique, iconic lifestyle, coveted all over the world, which responds to the characteristics of our time and our history.

Giò Ponti, architect

The love of movement and fresh air, the desire to escape from everyday worries, the thirst for a poetic life: needs of physical existence, needs of spiritual life.