FOREL and FARO Alternative Investments secure majority stake in Visionnaire

FOREL and FARO Alternative Investments secure majority stake in Visionnaire

Visionnaire Faro Forel

FOREL, led by Marco Bizzarri and Mario Gardini as advisory company to FARO Alternative Investments, entered into an agreement on behalf of the FARO fund to acquire a majority stake in Visionnaire (IPE Srl), the acclaimed Italian meta-luxury interior design brand. The majority stake was previously held by Apheon.

Founded by Samuele Mazza and later acquired by the Cavalli family, who have been leading IPE Srl based in Bologna since 1959, the Visionnaire brand has for the last two decades become synonymous with luxury, innovation, and impeccable Italian craftsmanship.

Under the family leadership of Co-Founders Leopoldo Cavalli and Eleonore Cavalli, who serve as CEO and Creative Director respectively, Visionnaire has established itself as a leader in the uppermost segment of the luxury market, catering to discerning clients globally. Recognized for its exclusivity, one hundred percent Made in Italy craftsmanship, and unparalleled tailored customer service, the company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its products, as it actively promotes positive social and environmental impact, earning the esteemed status of Benefit Corporation in 2021.

Visionnaire features collections by leading Italian and international designers, under the direction of Eleonore Cavalli, and is renowned for its bespoke full-home design solutions. Visionnaire’s diverse product offerings span across a full range of living, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor spaces, with a reputation for highly customizable design and meticulous attention to detail.

With operations in more than 55 countries, Visionnaire has a strong international presence through six showrooms in Milan, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Miami, and Los Angeles, 25 monobrand stores, selected specialty stores, and partnerships with 150 elite architects and interior designers around the world.

"I am proud to announce that with this exciting new partnership, Visionnaire remains an “Italian” company, joining FOREL and its leader Marco Bizzarri, who has a unique track record and experience in the luxury sector. This year Visionnaire celebrates its 20th anniversary, marked by a special collection called Nomad that will be unveiled at Salone del Mobile Milano 2024. This is the perfect moment to grow and propel Visionnaire to the pinnacle of the world’s most important luxury brands."

- Leopoldo Cavalli

Visionnaire Leopoldo Cavalli

The investment and FOREL’s active management will provide Visionnaire with resources to accelerate its international trajectory, working in close partnership with the founding family to fuel the company’s next phase of growth through network expansion in key global cities, project development of branded residences, and through the enhancement of its brand and client engagement strategies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Visionnaire and the founding family to unlock new opportunities for growth, Visionnaire’s commitment to innovation and design excellence aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy, and we are confident in the company’s potential to redefine luxury living in the years to come.”

- Marco Bizzarri

Visionnaire Marco Bizzarri


FOREL is an advisory company of FARO Alternative Investments SICAV RAIF that invests in Fashion, Luxury and Design, with a team of luxury experts to create long-term value. FOREL targets global companies with strong brand recognition and high business potential, with the aim of improving operational performance through active management and a particular focus on talent development. Led by Marco Bizzarri in partnership with Mario Gardini of Orienta Capital Partners, the FOREL team includes industry experts and private equity professionals who boast a vast information and talent network, a deep understanding of the industry, and a concrete vision of its future evolution.


FARO Alternative Investments SICAV RAIF is an alternative investment umbrella fund that operates at the global level with diversified investment strategies, across multiple industry sub-funds, supported by specialized Advisory Companies. FARO investment strategies span private equity, flex equity, capital markets, venture capital, and fintech, and industries include the Real Economy, Innovation, and Fashion, Luxury, and Design. FARO distinguishes itself as a scalable investment platform in which new strategies, and Advisory Companies, can be added through a plug & play approach. FARO Alternative Investments was launched in March 2024 and its partners are Augusto Balestra, Sergio Serra, Mario Gardini, and Giancarlo Galeone.