Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons

Visionnaire kerwan round outdoor

Embark on a journey with Visionnaire's latest outdoor campaign, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. You are the traveler, weaving through landscapes that get over the boundaries of imagination, evoking a sense of serenity and wonder.

Our new collection invites you to explore otherworldly realms.  Whether it's a garden, a canyon, a bustling urban rooftop, or a lakeside retreat, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Among the jewels of our new collection is the Kerwan Round table — a mix of unexpected geometries that seamlessly meld the realms of outdoor aesthetics. The curvature of the base, an intrinsic peculiarity, lends an air of graceful dynamism to the piece.

As you welcome Pavone into your outdoor space, prepare to be captivated by a piece that embodies the transformative power of beauty in the world of design. Pavone, a testament to the enchanting allure of the peacock, stands as an ode to the romantic and seductive beauty of this magnificent creature. Remarkably, the peacock lacks natural weapons for self-defense, choosing instead to unveil its tail in the face of danger, a symbolic emblem of its extraordinary beauty.

visionnaire pavone armchair outdoor
kathryn outdoor

Kathryn, one of the brand’s iconic creations, draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of a seashell — a metaphor of strength concealed beneath a a delicate exterior. This design captures the essence of a seashell, showcasing a duality where resilience meets refinement. 

As you traverse through these fantastical landscapes, let your mind wander and imagine the endless scenarios where Visionnaire's products seamlessly complement the surroundings.

The Revenge dining table is recognized by a particular mosaic top, an intricate composition featuring five distinct types of marbles. These marbles, available in enchanting shades, are artfully arranged, creating a visual symphony of colours and textures. 


Eleonore Cavalli,

Creative Director

Become the creator of your dreamscape, where the allure of Visionnaire's outdoor collection gets over the confines of traditional design, offering a passport to a realm of boundless creativity.

At the heart of the Cameron table is a celebration of contrasts — the fusion of fullness and void thanks to its sculptural base, creating a visual intrigue.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary design of Visionnaire's outdoor products. Each piece is meticulously curated to elevate your spaces and to envision a lifestyle where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living fade away.

visionnaire cameron dehors