Orée Big
Ceramic vase
4 900 €
52 cm
15 cm

In french, « orée » is a word meaning the verge or the dawn and refers to the opening of a forest or a woody landscape. It is the place where changes ought to emerge ; it is the time for moult and reconfiguring process. Light and shadow modify their dialog. The word « Orée » also contains « Or » - gold in french - which suggests « Orée » is a very special and precious instant and place. Orée vase is a stylisation of a feminine body which is performing a vivid process. The flesh is turning into natural matters - polished textures contrast with rough and eroded ones -, the shapes are opening with elliptical movements suggesting dynamism and sensuality. The vases are in ceramics - stoneweare polished and textured outside and glazed inside. All hand made. Smocked and adorned with special patinas. Some shades of the textures and patinas can vary a little from one piece to another.
Pre-order dispatched in 7-8 week.