Lost Beauty

Art in all its forms and expressions has always been a source of inspiration for Visionnaire. The dialogue in unison between art and design has become an intrinsic part of the brand’s DNA, and LOST BEAUTY typifies the eclectic, passionate approach combined with an aptitude for experimentation and the fusion of languages that are the hallmarks of its philosophy and savoir faire.

Beauty found in unusual representations of reality is the main theme of the Wunderkammer Visionnaire for Salone del Mobile 2014. To further reinforce the tie between Visionnaire and the world of art, the invited artists will feature with a dual site specific display, on the stand at the fair and in the Wunderkammer, designed to enhance the mood of the furniture collection, which this year is centred on the figure of the Dandy. A shadowy area with a Victoria Gothic atmosphere will be the setting for sculptures and highly imaginative works in ceramic, silicon, resin paints and precious materials. Dreams, realism and hyperrealism meet and blend; beauty is not obvious but concealed behind the sometimes raw strength of the works. The new ceramic sculptures by Bertozzi & Casoni, ironic champions of a realism of the impossible, dialogue with Diego Scroppo’s magnificent, disquieting works, the results of a laborious process which combines state of the art prototyping techniques with slowly executed manual skill. Alessandro Brighetti’s kinetic alchemies that pursue the transmutations of an obscure, prodigious material; Rita Miranda’s creations, a mix of Raku wisdom, minimalist rigour and organic intimations; the reflections of the CaCO3 artistic collective on the formal aspects of mosaics and their re-working in the pursuit of new relations between light and material. Then there are Antonio Fiorini’s meticulous polaroid-format oil paintings, exquisite zoomorphic figures by Michele Astolfi, the ironic sensuality of Daniel Gonzalez’s works, Domenico Grenci’s fragmented, decadent women’s faces and the mise en scène created by Nina Surel to recount the changeable, mysterious world of women. A journey through creative interpretations that blur the lines between pure and applied arts. A hidden, unconventional beauty that the visionary Dandy traveller collects to unequivocally define the distance that sets him apart from the rest of the world.