From October 2nd 2013 to January 31st 2014 the Visionnaire Wunderkammer will host an exhibit dedicated to the contemporary “Animalia”: a selection of the best art works by Michael and a brand new production by Enrico T. De Paris. If the intent is to amaze, the Chamber of Wonders hits the mark by welcoming a bizarre bestiary, where a singular appeal and unusual symbols prevail. The mythological chimeras by Enrico T. De Paris, defined by the same author as “tragicomic human summaries” and metaphor of a world far from the human dimension, converse with the refined zoomorphic figures by Michael, result of an exclusive union between photographic image and precious materials such as glasses and Swarovski crystals. Visionnaire masterly conducts the combination of languages in favour of an aesthetics of hybridization, interpreted as curiosity and impulse towards the infinite potentials of artistic expression, sharing its artisan vocation of a “savoir faire” which is manual skill and conceptual inspiration at the same time.