Nicola Bolla

(Saluzzo – Cuneo, 1963). He lives and works in Torino. His sculptures and settings are the expression of a new Vanitas through the studied use of the Swarovski crystals studded on the subjects of the artist’s personal collection. Skulls, mytological animals, urinals, loops or chains, different objects both for dimension and for icon meaning, where visual and thematic oxymorons coexist: dark and light, shape and contents, opulence and poverty. Following Duchamp’s lesson of decontextualizing an object in order to enrich it with new formal values, Nicola Bolla’s poetics goes over the reading between object and design, transposing it into the urge of a story focused on beauty, surreal and poetic. Nicola Bolla is one of the artists invited to the “Padiglione Italia” during the 53rd edition of the “Biennale” in Venice in 2009.