Diego Scroppo

Diego Scroppo was born in Torino in 1981. He graduates at the “Albertina” Art Academy in Torino in 2005 and continues his training in important schools and European organizations. Heir of a sincere monumental tradition, Scroppo proposes a very modern style but at the same time primitive, such as the shapes that conceives and the materials that uses. His creations, which are mostly played in the realism of the shapes and of the representation and which recall certain surrealistic atmospheres, are a brilliant synthesis of organic and inorganic, of memory and innovation, of elegance and disturbance. Scroppo’s art works are beautiful but also disturbing because of this living-on-the-edge and of the extreme industriousness of the process they come from, process where the most innovative prototype techniques join a very slow and fatiguing manuality. These art works are rare and precious and engage the artist from the first project phases, merely speculative, to the last finishings in studio, through nearly microsurgical interventions on details.