Visionnaire returns to iSaloni Shanghai

Visionnaire, in collaboration with its Shunde (Foshan) partner, takes part in i Saloni Shanghai from 23 to 25 November with a 200 m2 stand situated inside the Eastern Hall, Ground Floor EG01/02, where it showcases a selection of the most symbolic pieces of its 2017 collection “Greenery”.

 “We are returning to Shanghai after our positive experience in 2016. China is one of our main markets, and is today worth more than 20% of Visionnaire’s turnover. In the past year, we have doubled in terms of volume and we have more than tripled in terms of market presence. In 2017, we are opening new monobrand stores between the first and second circles of its new cities, including Xiamen and Xi’an. Chinese clients continue to ask for extremely high-quality luxury products. Visionnaire offers all of this. It continues to ride the energetic and ever more lucrative wave of its collaboration with well-known Hong Kong architect, Mr. Steve Leung,” confi rms Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Visionnaire.

Greenery is the word chosen by Visionnaire to narrate the re-evolution of its new collection with contemporary language, not forgetting either its DNA or essential characteristics of attention to detail and haute couture manufacturing. A “true luxury” proposal marked by accurate lines and proportions, research of innovative materials and artisan expertise expressed in every element of the new exclusively Made in Italy collection.

 The new 2017 collection reflects a greater use of natural materials: wood, stone, marble and a new proposal for materials with low environmental impact. The wood used to make bed and sofa frames is chosen from plantations with repopulation systems: trees are cut down at the correct age and then replanted. As for spring suspension systems, jute can replace the petroleum-based elastic straps as well as the padding, created through plant-based stuffi ng methods. As a substitute for down, materials such as hemp, cotton, wool, remy, and kapok are used. For pillows, padding is made from millet and flax seeds. For upholstery, natural fi bres from flax, cotton and remy can be used. Leathers used include those treated with vegetable tanning, with no added chemicals or metals; “white-white”, as an alternative to the traditional “white-blue” tanning.

 The space is furnished with the most valued interior rooms. For the living areas: Convention Design by Giuseppe Viganò, Legend Design by Fabio Bonfà, Bastian Design by Mauro Lipparini. For the dining areas, OperaDesign by Alessandro Camera, and for the sleeping areas, Princess Design by Steve Leung and Emotion Design by La Conca, concluding with the new offi ce proposal by Wilshire Design by Steve Leung.

 Thanks to Interni Magazine for the section dedicated to Visionnaire: "The new sense of luxury", discover the Cover Story on​ November issue, now available.