I Saloni Fair 2018: Visionnaire events

Synonymous with renewal and transformation, “Breath” is the direction that strongly characterises the new Visionnaire style for 2018.

The careful search for balance between material and shape, between past and contemporaneity, leads immediately to symbolic and meditative places. Full then empty like diaphragms that oxygenate the surrounding space and that find their expression and preciousness in metal, wooden material and marble, as in stone, leather, wool and raffia, and bring a sensation of nature in harmonious arrangement, devoid of redundancy.

Craftsmanship is the value on which Visionnaire continues to focus its efforts to stand out: products with technical content summarised in style with strong personality. If Italy has always represented the inspiring element for the collections, from history of art, to cinema and the visual arts in general, then this year the creative direction looks on with a wise and refined mix, also to the East.

The colour palette draws on tones from the earth and forests, rendering the natural element the true protagonist. A symbolic nature that is suggested this year by bamboo, a symbol of rebirth and energy potential, inspired by Zhang Yimou’s scenography in “House of Flying Daggers” (2004), suspended in time and enveloped in an imperceptible veil of poetry.