Restaurant Boom & Brass Budapest Hungary

An exceptional restaurant that offers its guests not just dinner, but an unforgettable style experience to satisfy all the senses. In the heart of romantic, majestic Budapest, the chefs of Boom & Brass, masters in the art of food, delight even the most refined palates with an imaginative menu that includes traditional Hungarian dishes and international haute cuisine. Diners at Boom & Brass are not only tourists, but also locals who appreciate quality and want to treat themselves to a break in this empire of taste. Everything begins sitting comfortably in a regal Ziska armchair and sipping a cocktail before moving on to Chef Sándor Juhász ‘s exquisite “gastronomic works of art” on an Edelbert table. Service is impeccable, but the ambience created by Visionnaire’s stylish furnishings and the trendy but still intimate atmosphere are essential factors in the success of Boom & Brass. Undisputed stars of the show are the red velvet Ziska chairs, the marble Edelbert tables and the majestic Blasius chandelier - an impressive cascade of crystals and spoons, a triumph in taste.