VisionnAIRe Taylor Jet

One of the most recent Visionnaire’s challenge is OPEN AIR. An agreement signed with 328 Support Services Group (328SSG), has resulted in an ambitious, fascinating project for the refitting of Private Jets that completely reflect Visionnaire’s unmistakable Design and Style.
The Visionnaire creative team, together with a team of designers from London specialized in aviation, has been involved in the total customization of private jets, the first being a 12-seater DORNIER 328 VBJ. The jet reflects the stylistic codes that are the hallmark of the Visionnaire brand, and is personalized in every detail. As well as the seats, also doors, bathrooms and even the jet’s fuselage will bear the Visionnaire logo. “The secret is in the personalization; - says Visionnaire CEO Leopold Cavalli - our client loves collecting unique pieces, possibly handcrafted, with applications of unique and precious materials. Each of our jets is different to the other and respects the same criteria we offer our clients for big residential projects.” These are medium-haul jets (flights up to about 8 and a half hours duration), with fairly contained costs (around 5.000 euro/hour), designed for flights within Europe.
The project has met with great interest in a number of countries, first and foremost the Arab Emirates, and could be expanded worldwide with the personalization of long-haul aircraft.