Club Pineta by Visionnaire Milano Marittima Italy

Visionnaire together with the Architect Marco Lucchi puts its name to Italy’s most famous glam club, the legendary Club Pineta situated in Milano Marittima and inaugurated in 2010 with the name “Pineta by Visionnaire”. The result is as seductive and welcoming as the splendid lobby of a hotel. It is the first time that a luxury design brand has entered into a co-branding agreement in the nighttime entertainment sector, with a pilot project that it is hoped will be reproduced in the entertainment capitals of the world. A new entertainment concept with a multi-functional use of space has been presented - the dance floor is flanked by seating areas with large, well-lit tables where guests can sit and talk or drink, ensuring maximum comfort also for those who choose to spend an evening in the club without feeling “obliged” to dance.  The entrance is a great wrought-iron gate that hides big glass doors with leopard-tail steel handles. The ceiling is decorated with extraordinary, long crystal chandeliers, and the glass dividers between tables glitter with a mix of punk chains and iridescent crystals. The decor of the entire club is softened by plush, elegant velvet. Bathrooms are clad in semi-precious marble, the DJ console is completely covered with splendid mother-of-pearl, and steel dance cubes are topped in back-lacquered glass and surrounded by screens of lasered polished steel ovals.

Special thanks to Marco Lucchi and Alvin Grassi