Hotel Wuxi Shanghai China

Inspiration for the Wuxi Hotel was neogothic, the main theme of the Visionnaire concept from the start. The pivotal feature is the lobby - the image evoked is that of the nave of a gothic cathedral. A series of bronzed steel pipes form the lancet arches and ribbed vaults of the nave. Walls are covered by a bronze/gold steel mesh that celebrates the luxury theme. An large desk in warm colored marble supports two witty oversized interpretations of the iconic Visionnaire Egg lamp. A big central chandelier/sculpture and a minimum of furniture ensure the vast perspective of the architecture remains unhampered. The result is one of great scenic impact. The rest of the hotel occupies the top four floors of the tower, with forty 80 square metre rooms, four 110 square metre suites, an area for meetings and a spa with whirlpool, sauna and massage area. The style of the rooms and suites is clearly elegance and luxury, but understated rather than obvious luxury, both in the use of materials and the reinterpretation of classical references (boiserie), colors and finishes. On the top floor is the breakfast/lunch area, with small tables aligned to cater for situation, chairs and sofas, partly screened by luminous walls decorated with Swarovski crystals. Everything is in light colors and soft textiles, with large “Mainz” chandeliers, finishes and materials to create a sophisticated, relaxing atmosphere. On the same floor, the Club is divided into a number of separate small areas furnished with corner sofas and armchairs screened from each other by chains of Swarovski crystals. A large central marble bar counter and big mirrors framed in stuccoed niches evoke a late 18th century French ambience. The restaurant is divided into 10 separate dining areas, as is customary in Chinese restaurants to respect customers’ privacy. Also here, the use of particular pieces such as the “Versailles” tables and cabinets, “Scarlett” consoles and “Esmerelda” lamps, the delicate colors of the former contrasting with the deep colors of the lamps, the softness of the textiles, the leather, velvet, and stuccoed walls, all create an elegant, refined atmosphere that evokes times past, while maintaining clear contemporay references.