Hotel Majestic Bologna Italy

The Grand Hotel Majestic, formerly the Baglioni, the only deluxe five star hotel in Bologna, included in The Leading Hotels of The World since 1995, is situated in a historic 18th century palazzo in the heart of the city, within walking distance of museums, theatres, alleries and cathedrals. In the city where it originated, the Visionnaire brand has left another unmistakable sign of its style. The project marries the modernity of its furniture with the classic style which has always been the hallmark of the sumptuous Bologna hotel. All rooms are in classic Venetian or 18th century French style, with luxurious textiles in soft, warm colors, and a succession of polished marble, antique furniture and objects d’art throughout the hotel evoke the atmosphere of times past. Classic pieces such as “Ginevra” sofas, and the “Cornelio” table with its top comprising gesso tiles protected by a sheet of glass that recall the stucco decorations on the ceilings, and elegant upholstery such a velvet in rich colors like purple have been used to underscore the refined atmosphere. Another significant operation involved the recently renovated Lounge Café. The floor, true work of art, was created by master craftsmen using prized Carrara marble in statuary white, Marquinia black and Siena yellow in a warm Art Deco style. This was the inspiration for the choice of furnishings in styles, colors and textures evocative of an Art Deco atmosphere for an area such as the Lounge Café, which should encourage guests to linger in pleasurable relaxation. The colors of the upholstery and lacquers were carefully chosen to reflect the black and yellow of the marble floor.